Beltaine – May 10, 2008


Circle, Groves and Sanctuaries by Katherine Clark, adapted for The Order of Selohaar by Lady Maureen Chalmers

List of Ingredients and Supplies:

Altar Evergreen Branch
Altar Cloth Luminary Candle
Atheme or Wand Incense, Charcoal, Thurible
Bell Oil in Container
Candles for Vothr, Verena, Volnar
Salt in Container
Water in Chalice

Celebrants and Acolytes for Altar Consecration:

Sir Carl, Lady Catriona, Lady Veronica, Sir Christian, Lady Sarah, Lady Elizabeth and Lady Maureen.
(Note the Acolytes have donned hooded mantles with elemental color association)

On the old altars the supplies needed are placed for the consecration. Each acolyte is to trace a full sized triquetra onto the surface of the altar as each line is recited.

Sir Carl: We bless and consecrate you with salt

Lady Maureen: We bless and cleanse you with water

Sir Carl: We bless and anoint you with oil

Lady Maureen: We bless and illuminate you with fire

Sir Carl: We purge you of memories of common use,

Lady Maureen: ...And call forth the knowledge of your true design.

Lady Maureen: May you be the table of spiritual feasts.

Sir Carl: May those who gather before you do so in peace and unity.

Lady Maureen: May all that touch you fill you with strength and purpose,

Sir Carl: And may Vorthr, Verena and Volnar bless you as a mirror of their own sacred earth.

The acolytes and priestess take a bit of salt from the container of salt and press it to their lips. They now kiss the quarters of the altar, each with a line:

Sir Carl: Salt is the flesh and bones of the spirit
And we bless this altar with the kiss of our flesh
The temple of our souls.
May you be the strength of our spirituality and
Bear the power that shall be generated upon you.

The Priestess stretches out her hands palm down over the altar (with athame or wand if you wish). Next the chalice of water is elevated, and breathed across three times before a sip is taken. The acolytes aspurge the four quarters using an evergreen bough. The cup is elevated again.

Lady Maureen: Water is the timeless wine of the earth,
The elixir of the spirit poured out from rock and well, and tempered sea.
May you be one with the water,
A part of the river of life
And departure and constant return.

The smudge stick is used to bless the altar. The Acolytes kneel and allow the smoke to rise up to the alter as they pass the element below the surface.

Sir Carl: As the wind blows
So may the breath of the regents and archetypes find you here.
Summer to winter,
Sunrise to Moonset,
May the sylphs and breezes bless you with their song.

The incense is placed upon the altar and pick up the bell. Next a beeswax candle is lit. Acolytes kneel and allow the flame to rise up to the alter as they pass the element below the surface.

Lady Maureen: Fire will reside upon you
To bring forth the brilliance of our combined strength,
May the flames beckon our Order to the sacred tasks
And invigorate our collective energies
to make manifest our magickal will

While the altar cloth is rolled up, Lady Maureen passes it over the incense.

Sir Carl: Oh ornament of our creation,
Protect this sacred surface from negativity.
May you repel that which is contra to our aims,
And absorb that which is good in the eyes of those assembled.

The rolled cloth is placed to the north side of the altar and cover the altar by unrolling the cloth to the south.

As grass covers soil, so this cloth covers our altar.
May their energies blend and become one.

Next, place the archetype candles are placed on the altar, one on each point of the triquetra.

Sir Carl: I light the candle of Vorthr, the Strategist
May the willingness to act and defend
Purge the darkness from this place

Lady Maureen: I light the candle of Verena, the Mystic.
May the spark of knowledge and inspiration
Purge the darkness from this place.

Sir Christian: I light the candle of Volnar, the Philosopher
May the wisdom of justice and leadership
Purge the darkness from this place.

A drop of wax from each candle is placed on the underside of the altar to bond it with the element of fire.

Together: We bless you with the elements both seen and unseen.
We bless you with the spirit of life both hidden and revealed.
We bless you in the name of our people,
And by the Spirits our people swear by.
May you be a meeting place of love, peace and unity of mind.

~ finis


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