The Grand Master Visits the Southern Preceptory
by Lady Maureen Chalmers, Chronicler

During the week of July 5th through the 12th, Sir Christian and Lady Maureen visited Florida. The purpose of the trip was two-fold. Firstly, it was a visit to Sir Christian's parents who live in Sun City Center, Florida. Secondly, and equally as important, it was a trip to visit the newly formed Southern Preceptory of the Order of Selohaar. Since the inception of the Southern Preceptory, Sir Mark, its preceptor, and Sir Christian have collaborated on sowing the seeds that would bear fruit, i.e. membership.

Sir Mark has been a student of Mi Zong Luo Han Style Kung Fu at Tang Martial Arts in Bradenton, Florida, studying under Sifu Leng Tang. Sir Mark's daughter, Mistress Ariana also attends the Kung Fu school and practices with her father. Because of the knightly attachment to the sword, Sir Mark has trained Mistress Ariana in the basics of its use. Sifu Leng witnessed Mistress Ariana defeat all her classmates with the sword, and was impressed at the skill level that far exceeded her age range and class level.

Sir Mark and Sifu Leng discussed swordsmanship, comparing Eastern and Western styles. Intrigued, Sufi offered his facility to Sir Mark and Sir Christian for a half-day seminar. This was a fortuitous seed to be sewn, as a seminar outdoors in Florida in July, would have been brutal.

On July 7th, 8 students and 2 masters attended the workshop. Sir Christian and Sir Mark led a course in the fundamentals of the art of Master Johannes Liechtenauer, founder of one of the greatest of the medieval fighting traditions.

Sifu Leng introduces Sir Christian

L: Sir Mark instructing. R: The seminar's students and teachers

Sir Mark, Sifu Leng Tang, and Sir Christian

Sir Christian and Sir Mark both expressed their gratitude to Sifu Leng for opening his house to them so that all could share in the fellowship of the warrior spirit.

Lady Paula and Lady Maureen discussed the education process of Mistresses Ariana and Tarin. Sir Mark and Lady Paula have celebrated the holidays with their daughters and have done crafts and other activities that suited their ages and the season. They are a "proto-circle" for the pagan scouting group called Spiral Scouts. Other families are involved in this proto-circle as well. However, much of the planning falls on our friends and the Spiral Scout resource materials are minimal. Ladies Paula and Maureen are beginning a project to assemble age-appropriate activities that can teach children about the elements, ritual and the seasons.

The Southern Manor was most hospitable. The Keller home is most comfortable, and is being renovated with fresh paint and furniture arrangements. The yard has citrus trees, lovely flowers, tiny lizards, and a new pool. As part of the visit, Sir Christian gave the Keller family their coats of arms banners from Selohaar Manor to decorate their home. Mistresses Ariana and Tarin will be designing their arms in the near future. The young ladies will be eager to get feedback from the Order on their designs.

Sir Mark and Mistresses Tarin and Ariana

July 13, 2007