The Seeker
Words for the Circle at the May 3, 2003 Selohaar Gather

by Sir Carl, M.K.O.S.

Calling of the Quarters

1st Speaker: "The earth hath slumbered, and now about us we see it awaken. Eltzen, Regent of the North, extend unto us the power of Earth."

2nd Speaker: "The wind was chill; now we feel it warming us. Oriens, Regent of the East, extend unto us the power of Air."

3rd Speaker: "The flames we lit at night were extinguished, and art now rekindled. Amemon, Regent of the South, extend unto us the power of Fire."

4th Speaker: "The ice and snow which gripped the land, now melted, do nourish the land's rebirth. Boul, Regent of the West, extend unto us the power of Water."

The Seeker dons a robe with a cowled hood drawn up to partially obscure his features, and he holds a small lantern. Following the Calling of the Quarters, he enters the Circle and stands in the center next to the altar table. He recites: "Hail Vorthr, Verena, and the Regents they rule: Eltzen, Oriens, Amemon and Boul!" He bows reverently, then continues reciting 'The Seeker.' He moves about within the Circle, addressing the gathering and gesturing as he speaks.

The Seeker

I'm but a seeker of knowledge and light.
For that which I seek, I move through the night.
Pardon my boldness in entering here,
but a strange voice hath called me; now my purpose is clear.
I realize it's not perfection I seek.
Sometimes I'm a hero; there are times when I'm weak.
I've tried not to fall into self-deceit's snare,
those paths which can only lead to despair.
Many have told me what I should believe,
yet even the best of intentions deceive.
And though there were times I was sure I would fail,
some Spirit upheld me through every travail.
I once fought a demon and nearly gave out.
But persistance revealed him: his name was 'Self-Doubt!'
Through much contemplation I now plainly see,
the answers I've sought are found within me.
Oh let a sojourner's courage prevail,
as parched lips make ready to taste of a Grail!
About me I feel all your strengths born anew,
lifted by Fellowship, both noble and true.
And though for my journey I've quested afar,
I've found its completion within Selohaar.
Though I've spoken as one newly heeding our call,
we were each new here once and I speak for us all.
I'm but a seeker of knowledge and light.
My quest through the darkness hath given me sight.

The Seeker resumes his place in Circle, and the Selohaar Grail Chalice is passed.

Added on September 1, 2004