Most of the selections here were originally published in "News of the Realm", the Journal of the Order of Selohaar. Except where noted, the essays were written by members of the Order. We plan to add items to this page regulary, so check back often.


The Design of Selohaar by Sir Carl Johnson. A Master Knight reflects on why The Order of Selohaar was created.
Rise Against The Foes by Sir Carl Johnson. Has the age of nobility passed?
Some Aphorisms for Selohaar Knights by Sir Christian Henry Tobler.
A Grand Master's Admonishments to His Champion by Sir Christian Henry Tobler.
Leave Your Niche to Find Your Path by Lady Maureen Chalmers.
Thus I Am Resolved by Lady Maureen Chalmers. A personal exploration of the chivalric code.
Kindred Spirit by Lady Maureen Chalmers
The Deliberate Warrior by Lady Catriona Hughes

  Mysticism, Lore, and Magick

The Carcosan Mythos...Revisited by Sir John Coates. 
There is a Grail by Sir Carl Johnson.
The Seeker by Sir Carl Johnson.
An Altar Consecration
by Lady Maureen Chalmers
Reinventing Our Wheel by Sir Christian Henry Tobler
Divination: Seeing Clearly in the Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Worlds by Lady Catriona Hughes

  Fighting Arts

Some Observations on Parallel Developments at Pennsic by Sir Christian Henry Tobler. The virtues of the Pas D'Armes.
The Passage of the Four Elements A Pas d'Armes style tournament fought in four passes.
How a Man Shall Be Armed An arming sequence, courtesy of our friends at Revival Clothing.

  Various & Sundry

Recipes from Selohaar Gathers
The News of the Realm Archives
A Visit to the Southern Preceptory by Lady Maureen, Chronicler
Elemental Guards by Lady Catriona Hughes
Of the Sword, Crown, and Grail by Sir Christian Henry Tobler
Moresca Dance Video with Ladies Maureen, Veronica, and Lord Christopher