Some Aphorisms for a Selohaar Knight

I  A Selohaar cannot be built, only revealed.

II  Strength comes from within: it cannot be given.

III  The path to one's inner strength can be illuminated by a skilled teacher.

IV  A teacher best serves his pupils not by having all the answers, but through commitment to helping them find those answers for themselves.

V  The answer found within is 'truer' than the answer provided from without.

VI  A leader is not renowned for the number of Selohaar he commands, but by the esteem those Selohaar bear him.

VII  A knight is judged by the renown he enjoys among his peers.

VIII  A knight may win renown on the field and through the instruction of others.

IX  The virtues of Chivalry are best taught to one's pupils by example.

X  The display of the chivalric arts of courtesy and honour also win renown for a knight.