The Design of Selohaar
By Sir Carl Johnson MKOS

The purpose or goal of the Order of Selohaar has been expressed by its originators as follows: " re-introduce the magick and nobility of a forgotten age." Put in less florid terms, this simply means that our organization is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient values upon which it was founded a decade ago, these being honesty, loyalty, personal integrity, justice, courage and self-realization; the sum of these qualities let's refer to as 'nobility.' Our other purposes are to draw together like-minded persons who will enrich the Order through their creative contributions, and to provide a unique vehicle of expression for its members.

It must be emphasized that the concept of the Order involves far more than just socializing or recreation. While one will initially perceive an aura of fantasy surrounding the Order, for fantasy does play an integral part in its structure, there is a vital function served by its existence. This is because those values which it strives to uphold are in danger of being wiped out of the human experience...not in this generation, to be sure, and probably not in the next. But the death knell for nobility, as we have defined it, is sounding in the distance. And when this happens, humanity will have lost something unspeakably precious. It will have sold its soul!

There is no need here to present a lengthy dissertation substantiating my contention, for I state the obvious. A single day's observance of social interaction in a congested city will evince this. Take notice of the shuffling throng around you, the myriad faces locked in silent desperation. Onetime priorities such as honor and chivalry (which have become anachronistic terms in themselves) are rapidly going out of style, while a frantic, groping materialism supercedes them. Also keep in mind that the world population is increasing exponentially. Earth itself seems on its way to becoming a congested city. It is not difficult to envision a planet choked with teeming masses of people, each clawing for their own space, where such values have been relegated to mere abstractions of thought rather than principles to live one's life by. The heroes of today-- the true individualists-- are revered and cheered, for we all sense their impending extinction.

The Order of Selohaar was formed to fill an ever-widening void left by a largely imoralistic society. Its legacy shall be to stand as an example for future generations and, by its very existence, to make a statement: that life need not be a stultified, colorless struggle; that something vibrant and heroic still has a place in the human spirit.

I am convinced that the vision we forge in our time shall endure to transcend the mortality of its creators. Even if its present incarnation should pass with us, its message of inspiration will live on to call someone in tomorrow's world...some defier of convention seemingly misplaced in time and enamored of the virtues of a simpler era, who will find our records, examine the history of the Order and study its philosophy. He may draw unto himself a new assemblage of those who would tread the path of Carcosa. Then shall the Nine Sacred Inborn Rights be known again, and the dream shall be rekindled!

First published in the Vortex October 11,1988