by Sir Carl Johnson, Lord High Constable

I have heard it said, "Your noble age has passed: put aside such bold revels and cast down your sword. The time for Knights is gone!" But no, I retort, there still lurk the darkening forces you have failed to reckon with...foul denizens within one's soul, whose power does not wane with the mere passage of years, which continue to bark stern challenges at a warrior true:

A dragon, his name is Delusion - a wily beast is he!

The harpie Timidity - she roams still, her talons ever poised.

A serpent known as Cowardice - his coils would ensnare and crush a valiant spirit.

The golem of Hypocrisy - ah, yes, a wanton and reckless monstrosity.

The vampire called Regret - its thirst can ne'er be quenched.

The demon that is Falsehood - how insidious are his machinations.

Behold the banshee, Small-Mindedness - the masses follow her call to oblivion.

Beware the hydra of Loneliness - whose oppressive hand has smote the strength of heroes.

And watch for the werebeast of Betrayal - a chameleonic fiend which has power to assume the guise of a trusted friend.

Yes, it would seem there is yet a need for Crusaders, even in this barren age which kneels before the twin gods of Fear and Conformity. Grant no corner to these devils here named, for they lay a tireless siege to that most vulnerable refuge, the human heart! The ageless cry is for now: Rise against the foes!