- A Pas d'Armes Tournament in Four Passes -

Note: This format was employed in the summer of 2004. It proved to be an excellent tournament as well as a fine exploration of the powers of the natural world and their relationship to the fighting arts. It is presented here as it will undoubtedly be of utility to the Order and others in the future.

Nobles and honoured guests of the Order of Selohaar hear this challenge! In honour of the four elements, four knights of our Realm shall hold the field this day as the Companions of the Elements and entreat all who seek after renown in the lists to meet them at the hour of four. This Passage of Arms shall be fought in four passses. The Companions are:

Sir Andrew, representing the powers of Air
Sir Carl, representing the powers of Earth
Sir Christian, representing the powers of Fire
Sir Kirk, representing the powers of Water

The Tree of Chivalry

Invocation and Blessing

Item: The Grand Master shall speak on the purpose and spirit of this passage. The Priestess of the Grail shall then speak a blessing for the tourniers and then a special blessing and annointment shall take place for the Companions.


1st Pass - Single Combat Challenges

Item: The first pass shall consist of single combat challenges. The shields of each of the tenans, or defenders of the list, shall be arrayed upon a Tree of Chivalry. Each venan, or challenger, may challenge one of the Companions by touching said Companion's shield with one of the weapons arrayed before the Tree. If the challenger picks up the longsword the combat shall be with longswords in the open field; if he chooses the axe the combat shall be with axe or mace with bucklers; if he chooses the polearm the combat shall be with pollaxes at the barrier.

Item: Each combat shall be fought until one combatant has struck three good blows upon his opponent.

Item: All the challenges will be made before any combat begins. The Judge of Honour shall consult with the nobles of the Gallery to find who made the best and most noble challenge - that tournier shall have the right of first combat.


2nd Pass - Melee at the Barrier

Item: The Companions shall meet any and all challengers in melee at the barrier. One pollaxe and two longswords shall be available at each side of the barrier.

Item: Three combatants will be allowed at each side of the barrier at any time. Those not currently engaged shall wait in queue for their turn at combat.

Item: Each combatant may be struck three times before retiring from the field. Each time he is struck, a combatant shall leave the barrier and retire to the queue to await another turn at the barrier.

Item: This combat shall end when one side has exhausted all their combatants.

Melee at the Barrier


3rd Pass - Single Combat Challenges

Item: The Companions will again accept challenges in the fashion of the first pass of the tournament.


4th Pass - The Grand Melee

Item: The Companions of the Elements shall choose one of the challengers to stand with them in a melee.

Item: Each fighter may engage one fighter at a time and may not attack him from behind. It is encouraged that each of these encounters be to 'first blood'. That is to say, you should seek after another combatant once you or your opponent have been struck once.

Item: All combatants in the melee may be struck three times before retiring from the field.



The Grand Master shall speak briefly to close the tournament.