There Is A Grail
by Sir Carl Johnson MKOS

September 5th of this year marked the 11th anniversary of Sir Keith's revelation of the Grail truth to Sir Christian. (See The Book of Selohaar, "The Secret of the Selohaar Grail") The Book of Selohaar explains the qualities of the Grail thusly:

"The Grail Chalice represents the strength of our fellowship and its collective vision... Its energy is receptive and is symbolic of the hidden mysteries and the well spring of creation and inspiration."

The Grail, then, by Selohaar's definition, is representative of the fellowship we enjoy. To us, the Grail is a very palpable concept. When we gather in the circle ceremony, each of us looking upon the symbolic chalice and in turn drinking from it, we recreate the Grail and avow our reverence for it. In this sense it is neither nebulous nor elusive, though it is spiritual.

It is also true that every member of the Order has, within their psyches, unique Grails which, at times, call to them. This is evinced by the fact that our very natures have drawn us to the join the fellowship. Recognition of one's own "calling" is, of course, the primary stage of pursuing it. Yet this can also prove to be the most challenging, for while an inner voice may be persistent, its message often seems rather inscrutable.

One method of tuning in to the inner voice is through introspection via a meditative pathworking. You may wish to design one yourself to suit your personal requirements. I can also recommend that you consult Lady Maureen for advice and assistance with such an endeavor. Another source is a book entitled Elements of the Grail Tradition by John Matthews, which contains a dissertation on origins of the Grail legends, followed by pathworking exercises developed by the author and his wife.

Your Grail (or Grails, for that matter) may be a particular locale where you experience a sense of belonging, or a life's ambition; something that engenders in you a catharsis of the soul, a feeling of completion, and an alleviation of the vague yearning which often seems to plague the human heart. But remain confident that it does exist and is, somehow, attainable, for that is the nature of a Grail.

May both fortune and fortitude accompany you on your Grail quest!