L: Sir Christian R: Lord Janusz

L: Lords Janusz and Michael E. R: Lord Evan

L: Lord John Cuddeback and Lady Veronica R: Lord Brian

L: Lady Maureen R: Lord and Lady Goodspeed Below: Lord Robert and Lady Sarah

Lords Janusz, Christopher, and Robert at spear-play

Members awaiting the seminar

Sirs John and Carl

L: Scavenger beast R: Scavenger food: meat pie!

L: Lords John W. and Scott

L: One of Lady Veronica's always exquisite bouquets R:...and the lady herself.

Ladies Stacy and Elizabeth and Lord Michael Edelson at feast

The acolytes prepare the altar (above) and Lady Sarah leads her fellow acolytes in rehearsal (below)

Lord Evan, Lady Catriona, and Lord Matthew before Circle

Acolytes in regent masques with other circle participants

Lady Sarah's elemental regent masques with the Grail

L: Lord Michael Ahrens R: The Lord John Whittemore

L: Lord Christopher and Lady Elizabeth R: Lord Janusz and the day's photographer, Lady Justine

Sir John holds his audience in rapt attention


Updated April 12, 2009