left: Sir Christian (c. 1991) right: Lady Bonnie (c. 1990)

Lady Maureen in a brocade Italian Renaissance gown

L: Sir Mark and Lady Paula Keller R: Sir Carl Johnson, Lord High Constable

Sir Kirk preparing to fire a handgonne salute (L) and at the New York Renaissance Faire (R)

Sir John Coates at Selohaar Manor (L) and with his lady wife Rose (R)

May 2003 - Sir Christian awaiting (L) and engaging in (R) spear combat

May 2003 - Onlookers in the pavilion

May 2003 - The field after the tournament

Sir Keith, Knight of the Grail (L), and with a newly-won tournament token (R)

Lord Walter and Lady Kathleen

L: Sir Christian as judge of the tournament R: The tree of battle

Sir Christian in two very differant armours: in mail harness (L) and High Gothic plate armour (R)


Updated November 5, 2007