In the Fountain Courtyard

Lord Robert revisits the Kelly Fountain

The Archery Tournament

L: Sir Carl and Lady Cationa observe the tournament R: The final tallying of scores

Apothecary work: Lord Scott and Lady Stacy grinding incense for the evening's ritual

Lord Michael A. and Lady Maureen in the pavilion

The day's combatants in harness

The blessing of the fighters

Sir Christian and Lord Robert perform a 'Joust on Foot'

Courtesy on the field

Sir Carl marshals the field while Lady Catriona bouts Lord Michael E.

L: Lord Christopher and Lady Catriona R: Lord Evan vs. Lord Matthew

L: Lords Brian and Michael E. R: Lord Robert and Lord Evan

L: Sir Christian in repose between bouts R: Lord Michael E. cuts under Lord Christopher's defense

Men in black

Lord Matthew and Lord Brian

Lord Christopher and Sir Christian at the barrier with spears

The celebrants and elemental acolytes for the consecration of the new altar

A Portrait Gallery - by Lord Scott

Ladies Sarah, Jessica, and Kerri

Lady Stacy, Lords Janusz and Robert

Ladies Veronica, Catriona, and Lisa

Lady Elizabeth and Lord Blair

L: Sir Christian, in new surcoat by Lady Jessica Finley R: Lord Matthew


Updated May 12, 2008