L: Lady Veronica greets Lord John R: Flower arranging
Below: Wine and roses

The Manor's fountains

Socializing before the days tournaments


L: Lady Justine awaits the archery tournament R: Lady Sarah with Lords Bryan and Karl

The first round begins

Above: Archers at the ready Below: Arrow retrieval

L: Lady Elizabeth R: Lady Maureen prepares for the blessing of the field

15th century pouch and belt by Lord Brian

L: Young Master Jack R: Lord Janusz and Matthew

Above: The Blessing of the Lists   Below: The Blessing of the Fighters

Sir Christian returns from the blessing

L: Lord Christopher with spears R: Sir Christian prepares for the joust on foot
Below: The spear bout continues

Above: Lord John Cuddeback battles Lord Robert
Below: ...and Sir John Coates

L: Father and son observe the tournament R: Lord Robert bouts Lord Brian with longswords

Tournament panorama with Lord Christopher engaging Sir Christian

The tournament gallery, with the Grand Master presiding

Lord Robert

Armour polishing

Above: Lord and Lady Zordan Below: Feed me!

The round pavilion at night

Above and below: Inside the pavilion

Above: Discourse and merriment Below: The Beltaine fires


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