Setting up the field

'Manorscapes' by Lady Justine and Lord Scott

Comrades prepared for the tournament

Sir Carl

L: Procession of Guards  R: Acolyte

The yearly Blessing of the Tournament Field

Lord Michael Depaola and Lord Christopher Valli

Lord Robert, in new harness, observes the season's first bout: Sir Christian and Lord Christopher with poleaxes

Lord Janusz watches as Lords Christopher Torres and Todd Sullivan fight

L: Lord Michael Ahrens  R: Lord Robert fights Lord Janusz with axes

The Lord and Lady of the Manor, and the Chatelaine, look on as Lord Michael fights Sir Carl

L: A spectacular, tournament-closing, half-sword bout between Lords Robert and Christopher  R: Sir Christian and Lady Sarah

After the tournament

L: Lord Scott  R: A mischevious Lady Sarah with Lord Matthew

New guest Lady Meghan talks swords with Lord Michael

Sable the Manor Cat on 'High Alert'


Updated May 14, 2010