Around the Manor

Preparing for the tournament

Above: Lady Veronica with Masters Parker and Jack
Below: Lords Christopher and Michael A confer

The Consecration of the Champion

The Blessing of the Fighters

Sir Carl watches as Sir Christian and Lord Michael D fight the season's first bout

Sir Robert vs. Lord Christopher T with longswords:

A powerful stroke from below

...and a takedown.

Sirs John and Carl fight with sword and buckler

Our knights represented

Sir Christian and Lord Janusz reprise their closing messer bout from September 2010

The view from the gallery

"In which Sir Robert, seeking after renown, did challenge two comers at the axe,...

...wherein the edge of the list was struck...

...and its fence compromised... the astonishment of all."

Sir Christian awaits his opponent

Sir Christian vs. Lord Christopher V at the barrier

Sir Robert and Lord Michael D with spears

Above: Sir John and son. Below left: Lord Janusz. Below right: Lord Michael D in great helm

L: Sirs Christian and Robert with swords and bucklers  R: The herald Lord Michael A

Lords Janusz and Christopher T "at push of lance" (above), with Sir Christian watching (below)

Done for the day

Lord Blair

Sirs John and Robert

Lord Michael D vs. Sir John

Young Master Jack

The Feast


Updated May 26, 2011