The Order goes a-Maying

Lady Sarah (the day's archery champion)...and with young Master Parker

Lady Ana, looking saucy!

Archery competitors...and a young trainee

Lady Maureen leads the "Children's Archery Corner"


The 'younglings' are entertained before the tournament

Lady Sarah counsels with Sir Christian

The Blessing of the field and combatants

L: Sir Robert is made Champion of the Order   R: Sir John passes the torch...and the Champion's Livery Collar

Lord Christopher V bouts Lord Michael D with longswords

L: Master Jack squires for his father Sir John   R: Sir John vs. Lord Matthew

Lord Sean

Above: Lords Janusz and Kyle
Below left: Sir Carl dons his helm   Below right: Lord Michael D nearly executes a throw against Sir Carl

Lady and Lord Valli

L: Lord Matthew and Sir Robert with spears    R: An obviously satisfied Lord Matthew
Below: Lords Sean and Janusz exchange powerful thrusts

L: Lord Michael D   R: Sir Carl, the Lord High Constable

L: Lord Matthew and Master Parker  R: The tournament gallery
Below left: Lord Christopher V   Below right: The view from the pavilion

Messerfechten: Sir Robert and Lord Janusz

Feeding Sable the Manor Cat


Updated June 25, 2012