Lord Todd, master of Sullivan Manor and our host for the weekend

Above: Sir Christian with the MEMAG crew  Below: Friday evening reunion

Ladies Elizabeth and Maureen at pondside in the morning

Dr. Lee Jones shows Sir Christian a Viking axe (left) and a 16th c. Italian Bill (right)

Rob Kelly, Lee Jones, Chris Torres, and Chris Valli with Lee's bill

Todd hefts the 16th c. bill

Above & below: Cory Winslow's messer class

Left: Christine Marcoux and Dr. Lee Jones  Right: Jason Smiths admires gauntlets made by David Teague

Squire Robert prepares for the tournament

Sir Christian bouts Lords Robert (above) and Edward (below)

Armour and swords in the Mercenary's Tailor collection

Lords Todd and Robert

Christopher Torres vs. Patrick Vida

Todd Sullivan bouts Patrick Vida

Ian test cutting

Sir Christian cutting targets with Lee Jones' magnificent 16th c. Bill

Base chicanery!

Feasting at the Sterling Renaissance Festival

Mischevious German Mercenaries

Jason placed in the stocks!

Left: Lady Maureen and Sir Christian at the faire  Right: The contingent from Le Maitres d'Armes

Selohaar and friends at court


Updated July 29, 2009