Christian's armoured half-swording class

L: Christopher Torres  R: Theresa Wendland

Greg Mele's Bolognese Spear class

Rob Kelly and Chris Valli's Longsword class

David Farrell makes Chris Torres 'eat dirt' in
Jessica Finley and Brian Hook's Unterhalten class

Christian Tobler and Greg Mele's Spear class

Theresa Wendland's Mounted combat demonstration

VAF's Bill Grandy instructing in drills leading to freeplay

L: Chris Torres and Chris Valli  R: Maureen returning from the butts


Maureen scores and announces the results while Todd and Bonnie look on

Greg Mele and Christian Tobler: "One Art of the Sword"


Despite appearance, this was a happy camper!

Jörg Bellinghausen's Messer class

Briefing the combatants for the martial challenges

Martial Challenge: Theresa Wendland vs. Jessica Finley

Martial Challenge: Todd Sullivan vs. Jason Smith

Martial Challenge: Cory Winslow vs. Bill Grandy

Dr. Lee Jones presents on two historic swords

Jörg Bellinghausen's wrestling and dagger class

Jason Smith's Le Jeu de la Hache class

Jessica Finley's Ott's Wrestling class


Sarah: "Selohaar Baby On Board"

Melissa Danas and Brian Hook

Betsy Taylor's German Staff Fencing class

Roger Siggs & Greg Mele teach Fiore's armoured dagger

Top to bottom: The Chicago Swordplay Guild, Selohaar, and combined families

The Men in Red: Members of the Selohaar Fechtschule 'Home Office'

Our gracious host, Todd Sullivan, and Matt Zordan


Updated July 25, 2010