Opening remarks with Lord Greg and Sir Christian

Introduction to German Longsword class, with Lady Jessica Finley and Lord Michael Edelson instructing

Young Lord Brian Finley with governess for the weekend, Lady Maureen

Lady Jessica Finley (L), Sir Christian and Lord Christopher teaching sword and buckler (R)

Lord Gregory Mele of the Chicago Swordplay Guild inspecting a period helmet (above)
and instructing in Fiore's Iron Gate (below)

Reproduction armour (left) and historic pieces (right) from the Mercenary's Tailor
Wooden training weapons from Purpleheart Armoury (below)

Left: Dr. Lee Jones and Dan Maragni lecturing on sword construction. Right: Dr. Jones with a Tibetan sword.

Left: The roundtable discussion. Right: Moderators Lord Greg and Sir Christian

Sir Christian flips through Paulus Kal with Lord Todd and guest (above)
Lord Todd's student Ian Mumpton with Lord William Grandy and Lord Todd

Ladies Bonnie, Tracy, and Theresa

L: Lord Greg and Sir Christian beginning the poleaxe class. R: Lord Greg takes down Lady Nicole

Lord Todd in harness en route to the poleaxe class with Sparkle the war-hound (L) and in practice with Lord Paul Suda

Lord Rob assisting with the poleaxe class (L) and with Lord Todd and Sir Christian (R)

Lords Michael and Brian with longswords

Lords Jesse and Rob look on as Sir Christian and Lady Jessica instruct in dagger

Sir Christian and Lord Rob instructing in spear combat

The idyllic grounds of Sullivan Manor


Updated June 22, 2008