Laurentiusgildet-Hammaborg Sword Event, Århus, Denmark

Men with Silly Hats: Dreynschlag's Harry and Oli

The truly dapper gentleman, Mr. Tim Gallagher

Time to feast

Hammaborg's Toke (L) and Dierk (R)

L: Falko and Marcu in Harry Winter's dagger class  R: Julia

Above: "Mom and Dad" - Frede and Claus  Below: Dierk with Claus

Laurentiusgildet Members in their Formal Attire
With many thanks to our hosts!

L to R: Claus, Frede, Jákup, Jens
Thomas and Jonas
L to R: Adam, Allan, Mathias, Mikkel

Martial challenges: Roland and Claus; Christian and Claus; after Christian and Claus' bout; Roland and Christian


Return to Germany: Boizenburg

Maureen's stork

Church and stream view in Boizenburg

Masonic lodge

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