The Sterling Renaissance Faire

Cantiga performing at the Sterling Renaissance Faire

Watkins Glen State Park

Our intrepid travelers stopped at Watkins Glen on their way to Pennsic

Pennsic War XXXVII

L: A toddler in German Renaissance clothing R: Ladies Theresa and Maureen flanking Lord Jesse

Musical group Wolgemut enjoying a moment of repose

Above: Ladies Maureen and Catriona Below: Lady Catriona learning cord weaving from Mistress Emilyne

Lord Gregory (L) sporting the new Revival Clothing cotehardie and (R) with Lady Theresa

L: Lord Peter the Tent Elf   R: Lord Scott

Sir Christian and Lord Peter futz with the Revival Clothing sign

The Revival Clothing family

L: Lady Stacy shops R: Lady Theresa in a new houpelande

L: Fine reproduction illuminations R: Lionheart!

L: Lady Jill  R: Lord Gregory and Lady Nicole

The "Your Inner Vagabond" Coffehouse at Pennsic

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Lady Maureen in a garden at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire

Lady Marian, Sir Bernard, Lady Maureen, Lord Robert, and
Sir Christian at a tavern at the New York Renaissance Faire

Lady Stacy and Lord Scott with friends from Eeldrytch Armouree

L: Lady Maureen and Sirs Bernard and Christian at the Faire R: Lady Stacy with 'footman'

Lord Scott and Lady Stacy


Updated August 21, 2008