(L) Lord Robert prepares the feast, while (R) Master Sable smells the kitchen preparations

Lord "Sweet Tooth" Janusz struggles to find the perfect candy

(L) Lady Veronica arranging flowers for the Manor  (R) New Guard Lord Matthew

(L) Lord Tristan needleworking fine medieval purse  (R) Some of his previous creations
(Below) Sir Christian admires Lord Tristan's handiwork

(Above and below) Lady Maureen teaches the Moresca

"The Moresca!, the Moresca!..."



The Imbolc Altar

(L) Sir Carl, Lords John Whittemore and Tristan  (R) Lady Elizabeth, Lords Christopher, Robert, and Michael

Lord and Lady Ahrens


Lord Todd's Order of DeMolay Presentation in Liverpool, New York



Updated March 3, 2010