Reconvening at the Manor

L: Lady Justine and Lord Janusz  R: Lord Michael D

Clockwise from upper left: Lord Christopher T, Lord Matthew, Lady Elizabeth, Lady Maureen

Lady Veronica with one of her creations

Our Quartermaster, Lord Janusz

Ladies Sarah and Stacy with their boys, young masters Parker and Morgan

L: Lord Blair  R: Lady Maureen

L: Sir Robert, preparing a fine feast  R: Lord Matthew with Master Parker

Lord Michael A. with daughter Mistress Belinda

A bitter day without; a jovial Sir Carl within

Lord Christopher T's animated tale

L: Lord Cyril  L: The Lord John Whittemore

Above: Lords Blair and Cyril  Below: Chess rivals

At the Feast

L: The Grail in splendor  R: Proud father Lord Scott


Updated February 27, 2011