L: Lady Bonnie R: Sir John

L: An impressive array of bows R: Accoutrements in the Burgundian pavilion

Lady Tracy amused by Lord Todd, Sir Christian, and Lord Christopher

Knights of Selohaar: Sirs John, Christian, and Carl

The NYHFA "Sage Brigade" - Lords Michael and Todd

L: Lord Janusz R: Lady Maureen

Lord Evan and Lady Catriona

Sir Christian, and Lords Christopher and Todd

Lady Maureen performs the blessing of the fighters

Lady Catriona versus Sir Christian with longswords

Squiring duties

Lords Matthew (background) watches as Lord Christopher awaits a comer

Sir Christian and Lord Christopher fight with spears in the open field

Lord Christopher faces Sir Carl with the longsword

Tournament marshals: Sir Carl, Lord Evan, Lord Robert

L: Lord Todd with the longsword R: ...and facing Lord Scott

Lady Catriona, after a bout

Lord Evan and Lord Matthew bouting with longswords

Lady Sarah

Merry kitchen staff: above, Ladies Stacy and Elizabeth, below, Lady Catriona

Lord Robert awaiting magic circle

L: Lord Todd and Sir Carl R: Lady Tracy


Updated August 13, 2008