Lady Stacy prepares the day's feast

The Hughes family: Lady Catriona, Master Alex & Lord Evan

Mistress Sophia and Master Alex are introduced to each other

L: Sir Carl  R: Lady Elizabeth, Lord Janusz, Lord Blair

L: Lady Veronica and company  R: Lady Justine

Above: Lord Matthew  Below: Lady Maureen with Sable the Manor Cat

The day's flora and fauna

The Archery Tournament

Above: Lady Elizabeth scores the archery tournament
Below: Lord Christopher has a "Robin Hood", so to speak

L: Sirs John and Carl  R: Lord Janusz

The Lord John Whittemore in mirthful banter with Sir John

Above: Lords Janusz and Christopher T. at the barrier Below: Lord Robert marshaling

Generations observing the tournament

L: Lords Christopher T. and Robert fight with longswords  R: Sir Christian

Sirs John and Christian at the barrier with spears

Sir Christian introduces a feat of arms

Lord Robert and Lord Christopher's poleaxe and dagger feat of arms

Above: Lord Janusz vs. Sir Christian  Below: Lord Michael D. vs. Sir Carl

L: Lords Matthew and Michael D. with longswords  R: Lords Janusz and Christopher V. fight with short staffs

Sir Carl, Lord Michael D., and Lord Robert

Lord Michael A. (left) and Lords Ben and Matthew (right) at the al fresco feast


Updated August 4, 2010