Lady Elizabeth

Debating future armour purchases

Rainy day repartee

Story time

L: Sirs Robert & John  R: Lady Bonnie

Always helpful kitchen staff


Assembling for Circle


~ At the Pennsic War - August, 2012 ~

First view of the battlefield

L: Lord Matthew & Master Parker  R: The dance pavilion
Below: Sir Robert

Surrounding countryside

L: Master Parker with Lady Sarah  R: Lady Maureen

Sir Christian and Lady Nicole Allen minding the Revival Clothing store



Authors Tom Leoni and Christian preparing for an evening of revelry and book signing

The signing of the cheese

Lady Nicole entertaining Kes Smith of Fettered Cock Pewters

Master Jason Klein of Historical Glassworks

Midnight Madness

The Zordan clan

A brooding sky over the battlefield

After the rains


Updated September 26, 2012