All is ready

Ladies Maureen x 2; Lady Bonnie

Clockwise from upper left: Lady Sarah's very large beetle friend;
Sir Carl prepares for the day's fighting; Lady Elizabeth; Sir Christian

L: Our guest, Lady Maureen with Sir Carl; R: Lord Kyle arming

The Companions of the Elements array themselves

The Blessing of the Fighters, with the Companions of the Elements standing guard

Lord Michael D pledges himself as Sir Robert's squire

The gallery

The Companions of the Elements
Sir Christian (Fire/Spear), Sir John (Water/Messer), Sir Carl (Air/Longsword), Sir Robert (Earth/Poleaxe)

Above: Messer  Below: Poleaxe

Left: Squire Janusz  Right: Squire Michael chooses his opponent and...
(below)...fights him!

Above: Sir Robert  Below: Squire Janusz and Sir Carl

A vigorous poleaxe fight

Sirs John and Robert

Squire Matthew

The melee at the barrier

Scenes around the field

Above: Ladies Elizabeth and Veronica sing between tournament passes
Below left: Lady Justine  Below right: Squire Janusz

The Grand Melee

Sir Christian closes the Pas d'Armes

Feasts for beasts (above) and gentles (below)

On the elemental pilgrimage

Photo opportunities by the shield tree


  Court held in the pavilion

Another of Lady Veronica's superb flower arrangements


Updated October 28, 2013