L: Lord Robert, Captain of the Guard  R: Morning light in the ready room

Occupation: Layabout

L: Lady Maureen  R: Lady Katrina and Lord Tristàn

L: Lord Janusz, our new Quartermaster  R: Lady Veronica

Below left: Lord and Lady Goodspeed  Below right: Lord Blair

L: Ladies Maureen and Elizabeth  R: Lord Michael Ahrens

L: Lord Matthew  R: Lord Michael Depaola

Lords Mark, Robert, and Devon

Above: Easter Egg Hunt!
Below, left: Lord Christopher Torres   Below, right: Sir Christian

Lord Michael Depaola

The Bringer of Sangria

L: Feast preparations  R: The Chatelaine announces the feast

Chess players Lords John and Scott

The Vernal Equinox Altar

Pre-court clowning

Sir John Coates, Champion of the Order


Updated April 4, 2010