Above: At least it feels like spring in the sun
Below: Uncle Sir Robert

L: Lord Michael D.  R: Sir Christian

Lord Blair and Sir Robert

Above: Lady Maureen
Below: An ad hoc meeting in the ready room

L: The Lord John Whittemore  R: Lord Scott with Master Morgan

Circle of the Grail meeting

Above: Lord Janusz  Below: Lord Kyle, with Sir Robert in the background

Living room banter

The Feast

L: The altar  R: Sir Christian accepts Lord Janusz as a squire


Selohaar Fechtschule Seminar:
Staten Island German Martial Arts (SIGMA)

L: Sir Christian and Lady Jessica Finley instructing in the longsword  R: Lord Christopher T before the SIGMA banner

L: Mistress Sophia  R: The day's instructors - Lords Michael A., Christopher V., Sir Christian, Lady Jessica, Lord Chistopher T. and Sir Robert

Poleaxe play

L: A messer demonstration  R: The seminar attendees


Updated April 16, 2011