Home base for the week: the Revival Clothing pavilion

Mirth and mead at the front of the booth...
...and behind the booth

New garb, (l - r): Lord Scott (drenched!), Lady Theresa, Lord Rob

Lord Scott and Lady Stacy

L: Lords Jess and Chris with Lady Kathy R: Lady Maureen in her heraldic gown

Wolgemut playing by day and by night

A viking tent

Dusk on Midnight Madness day

Drawing for the 2nd Annual Revival Clothing Midnight Madness Wardrobe Giveaway

L: Brigandine armour from Anshelm Arms (that Sir Christian bought!) R: Lamellar cuirases for sale

Lords Jesse and Rob and Sir Christian, enjoying a brief repast behind the pavilion

L: One of several downpours R: The Food Court in between rain drops

L: Lady Kathy, taking a break from booth duty R: Lady Theresa and Lord Jesse


Updated August 24, 2007