L: Lady Stacy  R: Lord Matthew and Lady Sarah

Planning the day's outdoor festivities

Early afternoon repast

A merry company of spear casters

L: Lady Justine  R: Lord Derek

Above: Ladies Elizabeth and Veronica  Below: Lady Stacy tries her hand at spear casting

Lady Veronica, Lords Robert and Michael DePaola

L: Lady Elizabeth  R: Lady Veronica

Spear Casting: Lord Janusz (above) and Lord Michael Edelson (below)

L: Lord Tristan  R: Lord Michael and Sir Christian

Lord Scott prepares his throw

Lord Michael Ahrens, Lady Maureen, and Lord Janusz observe activities on the field

Sword and buckler play: Lord Christopher engages Lord Scott (above) and Lady Zhenia (below)

Sir Christian brings Lord Michael DePaola up to speed on the use of the buckler

A late harvest feast awaits

Circle planning in the ready room

Lord Blair with Sable the Manor Cat

Post feast merriment


Updated November 15, 2009