L: Lady Nicole Allen  R: Lady Veronica with Mistress Sophia

Young Master Parker's first gather

L: Lady Maureen with Lord Michael A.  R: Sir Christian

Lord Matthew inspects a fine seax

Lord Janusz by the hearth

Attendees at the Tarot seminar

L: Puss with armour  R: Sir Christian and Lady Maureen

Lady Nicole joins the lord and lady of the Manor at the high table

Lord Matthew and Lady Sarah

L: Lord Robert with messer in hand  R: The altar

Sir Christian discusses the impending children's hospital visit at court


Visit to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center - November 20, 2010

Above: Lady Maureen tells the story "Stone Soup"
Below: Ladies Maureen and Veronica, and Lord Christopher V. dance the Moresca

The arming demonstration

A successful visit completed: Lady Veronica, Sirs John and Christian, Lord
Christopher T., Ladies Maureen and Elizabeth, and Lord Christopher V.

Moresca Open House - November 27, 2010

Lady Veronica, Lord Michael A, Sir Christian, Lady Maureen, and Lord Michael D.


Updated November 29, 2010