L: Lord Rob by the "Kelly Fountain"

Lord Matt with Ladies Sarah and Jessica

L: Lord John Whittemore R: Lady Bonnie conversing with Lady Maureen

Above and below: Lords Christopher, Rob, and Devon shooting

Ladies Veronica and Elizabeth, Lord John

L: Scoring the archery tournament R: Lady Jessica retrieving arrows

L: Lord Scott R: Archery Champion Lord Christopher

L: Will it rain? R: Lady Sarah, keeping the raindrops away

Above and below: Arming for the tournament

L: Lords Michael and Brian, Lady Catriona R: Lord Matthew

"Rob, the Bringer of War"

L: Lord Scott, aka, the Black Knight Center: Lord Evan R: Lord Brian, resplendent in 15th c. garb

Above: The blessing of the field  Below: Lady Catriona on the offensive

Above and below: Sir John fighting Lord Devon

Magic Circle held around the fountain


Updated October 29, 2007