L: Sir Christian reads the results of the archery tournament. R: Archery
Champion Lady Maureen with runners up Lords Matthew and Christopher

Lord Matthew

Lord and Lady

Lady Sarah clowning with Sir Christian's helm

L: Sir Christian and his squire Lord Robert  R: Lord Brian in 15th c. half-harness

The blessing of the fighters

The Joust on Foot

Gentles of the gallery - Lord Christopher and Lady Jillian Torres and Lady Sarah

Lord Brian awaits a bout

Combat with the longsword: Lords Robert and Brian (above)
and Lords John and Christopher

Lord Christopher marshals a poleaxe bout

Spear bouts: Lord Christopher and Sir Christian (above)
and Lord Brian and Sir John (below)

Lords Matthew and Christopher

L: Armour cleanup R: Lady Elizabeth at work in the kitchen

Indoor diversions

The feast

L: Lady Jillian  R: Our mascot Sable the Manor Cat

The altar festooned with harvest decorations

L: Post-Circle chat R: The Lord John Whittemore, sporting new garb

Court held in the Burgundian Pavilion


Updated September 25, 2008