Dappled light in the pavilion as Lord Blair prepares to keep score for the tournament

L: Lady Maureen with Sable the Manor Cat  R: Lord Janusz in his new armour

A small but hardy company of tourniers

Lord Christopher plays at sword and buckler with Sir Christian

Lords Janusz and Matthew fight with longswords

L: Lord Robert makes a call  R: Lady Catriona watches the tournament

Lord Matthew marshaling (left) from outside his creation - the new Selohaar tourney fence and fighting Lord Michael Depaola (right)

Sir Christian and Lord Janusz fight with spears at the barrier

A textbook halfsword technique - Lord Matthew thrusts down against Lord Christopher's attack

Left: Sir Christian in early 14th c. kit  Center: Lady Sarah attends the Crown  Right: Lord Matthew in gothic armour

Lord Michael attacks Lord Christopher at the longsword

Spearman counsel before the melee at the barrier

The feast halls awaits guests

Lord Michael and the Lord John Whittemore at the feast

Sir Christian and Lady Maureen - the Lord and Lady of the Manor

Lady Justine, wearing both her new Triquetra and heraldic badge

Lady Maureen and Sir Christian in the pavilion after circle

Merry company

Left: Lord John pays homage to Sable  Right: Lady Justine


Updated September 27, 2009