L: Lady Pauline  R: Lord Christopher and Sir Christian

Above: Lady Sarah shows Lady Maureen the new altar cloth
Below: Lord Michael D with Lord Matthew

Hanging lamps in the pavilion

Lady Katrina and Lord Tristan

The ladies of the gallery

L: Lady Maureen, Lord Michael A and Sir Christian  R: Mother to be

Above: The Archery Tournament
Below: Lady Elizabeth keeps the score

Above: Spectators at the archery tournament
Below: Lord Christopher T does it again! Another impaled arrow head!

Puss Portrait

L: Ladies Ashley and Elizabeth  R: Lord James

Above: Sir Christian and Lord Robert with sword and buckler
Below: Lords Matthew and Michael D fight with longswords

Lord Robert fights longsword with Lords Janusz (above) and Michael D (below)

Above: Lord Christopher T vs. Lord Matthew
Below: Lord Janusz vs. Sir John

Above: "Here they fight with messers - God help them!" Sir Christian fights Lord Janusz
Below: Sir John and Lord Robert with spears

Sir John Coates, Champion of the Order

Lord Janusz faces Lord Michael D with the spear

The season's final bout: Lord Janusz and Robert fight with the poleaxe

...and the Grand Master closes the field for the season

Lord Michael D at the feast

The Autumnal Altar

An expecting family: Lady Sarah and Lord Matthew


Updated September 26, 2010