Autumn Equinox Gather - September 20, 2014  


Pavilion conversation

L: Lord Kurt with bow  R: Tie-breaker end between Lady and Lord Zoran

Lady Maureen keeping score


Parlor panther

Tournament preparations

Perhaps a bit excessive, Sir Kirk...


Fortune's Favor Tournament

Dame Fortune (Lady Veronica) enthroned

The junior section of the gallery

Opening spear fight between Sirs Christian and Lenard

Squire Michael and Sir Mark - poleaxe v. sword and buckler

L: Members of the gallery   R: List conference

Sirs Kirk and Robert - longsword v. poleaxe...with a haft grab

Sirs Kirk and Christian - longsword v. messer

Squire Michael and Sir Robert - poleaxe v. spear

Sir Christian confering with Sir Lenard (L) and striking a Schielhau against Lord Kyle's messer (R)

Sirs Mark and Robert - sword and buckler v. dagger

Lord Kyle with poleaxe (above)
and fighting against Lord Michael with messer (below)

Sir Lenard with grandson Lord Kyle (above)...
and with Lord Michael A (below)



Updated December 4, 2014