The lists await

Lord Scott and Lady Catriona

Lady Elizabeth and Lord Robert

L: The Round Pavilion R: Sir Christian at the commencement of the tourney

Sir Christian vs. Lord Christopher at the barrier

Lord Evan and Lord Robert in combat with the longsword

L: Lady Catriona in her new mail haubergeon R: She meets Lord Robert in longsword combat

L: Lord Evan with Lord Matthew R: Lord Robert hooks Lord Christopher with his poleaxe

Sir Christian and Lord Christopher with longswords

Sir Christian attempts to parry Lady Catriona's Zwerchhau with the longsword

The Feast

Lord Trent and Lady Maureen enjoy the pre-Circle evening

L: Lords John Whittemore and Michael Ahrens R: Lady Catriona

L: Merriment on Selohaar Manor's newly renovated deck R: Lady Stacy in Middle Eastern attire


Updated June 30, 2007