Sir Carl kibitzes with Lords Trent and Terry and Sir Mark in the Selohaar pavilion

Portraits of Lady Maureen by Lord Scott

Lady Sarah cheers on Lord Matthew at the archery line

Lady Maureen rallies the archers to the field

Sir Mark and Lady Paula during the archery tournament

A bullseye for Lady Jessica!

Lord Terry, Sir Carl, and Lord Robert watch the archery tournament

Left to right: Lady Tina, Lord John, Lord Christopher with Lady Paula

Preceptor and Grand Master during the blessing of the fighters

L: Lord Christopher R: Lord Matthew

L: Sir Christian awaits a bout with the poleaxe R: Squire duties

L: Lady Stacy R: Lady Sarah

L: Sir Mark and Lord Robert fight with poleaxes R: Sir Christian with the rudis given to him at Chivalric Weekend

New members Lord Janusz (L) and Lady Jessica (R)

Lord Robert and Sir Mark

Sir Christian and Lord Christopher spear fight at the barrier as Sir Mark marshals

Lord Robert bouts with Sir Carl with longswords

L: Lord Matthew versus Lord Robert with longswords R: Lord Christopher fights Sir Christian with poleaxes

Sirs Mark, Christian, and Carl

The Feast

Feasters before the pavilion


Updated July 3, 2008