Ladies Stacy (L) and Maureen (R) doing needlepoint on a rainy gather day

Lord Christopher and Sir Christian in the 'Ready Room'

At the afternoon refreshments: Lord Christpher and the 'cold cut sentinel'

L: Lady Sarah, modeling her new gown R: A rare sighting of one of our photographers, in between shoots

L: Lords John Whittemore, Michael, and Robert at chess R: Quoth Lord Robert: "No one takes my advice!"

Above & below: Playing 'Cathedral'

Lady Jillian bemused by Sable the Manor Cat

L: Lady Jillian looks on as Lord Christopher plays chess. R: His worthy opponent, Lord Scott

Above: A panorama of members illuminating woodcut images
Below, left: Lord Janusz shows off his illuminations. Below right: An art critic

Our circle completed

Sir Christian with newly-inducted member of the Order Lord Christopher Torres

An attentive Lord John Cuddeback was popular with the ladies...and their hair!

L: Sleepy couple R: Lords Robert and John


Updated June 26, 2009