Training young Master Caleb

L: Lords Christopher and Janusz training   R: The Captain of the Guard looks on


Dussack Fighting

Lady Elizabeth and Master Caleb watch the action


Release the beast!

Lady Veronica, plying her craft

Preparing for the tournament

"He ain't heavy, he's Liz's little brother!"

Kneeling for the blessing

Sir Christian and Lord Christopher play at sword and buckler

Lady Veronica keeps the score

Lords Robert and Janusz fight with longswords

Above: Young Master Caleb gets his chance in the lists
Below: Lords Michael D and Janusz with longswords

Sir Christian and Lord Janusz at the barrier with poleaxes

Above: Lords Christopher and Robert begin their poleaxe bout  Below: A takedown!

Lord Christopher pulls Lord Robert's axe down to thrust to him

A thrust in opposition

Lord Janusz and Sir Carl with longswords

Sir Carl, Constable of the Order, after the tournament

In the fountain courtyard

L: Sir Christian with Sable the Manor Cat  R: Lady Maureen instructs Master Caleb in archery

Sir Carl with the Grail


Updated June 27, 2010