At the archery tournament

Mistress Sophia exploring the grounds, and with mother - Lady Jillian

The Lord John Whittemore

The ladies of the court...

...enjoying a Midsummer day

Fortune's Favor
Being a Tournament of Unmatched Weapons Chosen by Hazard of the Dice

Sword and Buckler vs. Dagger: Sir Robert & Lord Christopher T. (above);
Sir Christian & Lord Michael D (below)

Lord Janusz (dagger) vs. Lord Christopher T. (spear)

Lord Michael D pushes aside Sir Robert's thrust in a dagger vs. dagger contest

Lord Christopher V. and Janusz take the fight to the ground

Before the tournament

Sir Robert with a wee one

Kneeling for the Blessing

For luck...

Squire Janusz

Lady Justine...and on camera duty

Counsel between bouts

Lord Janusz impales himself on Sir Christian's spear...and hits the ground!

Lord Christopher Torres, theday's Archery Champion


Updated September 3, 2011