Ladies Maureen and Bonnie

Proud Uncle Sir Rob and nieces

Archery, with Lord Janusz and Lady Sarah

Starting them early

     Of dragonflies and little girls...

The view from the Royal Menagerie

Lady Jessica's new armour, with assistance from sister Lady Sara


Lady Sarah's first time blessing the fighters

Lady Jessica and Sir Christian open the tourney with a poleaxe fight

Around the lists

Sir Christian judges the tournament

Above: Sword and buckler play with Sirs Robert and Carl
Below: Squires Matthew and Janusz play at longsword

Lady Maureen safeguarding the Crown

Above: Sir Robert at the barrier
Below: "Oh, schnappen!" - Lady Jessica and Sir Carl fight with longswords

L: Squire Janusz and Lady Sara M.   R: A picture perfect guard Vom Tag

L: Lady Jessica marshaling   R: Lord Matthew and Sir Robert in a powerful poleaxe bout

"Here they fight with messers - God help them!"
Below left: Zornhau!   Below right: A throw at the spear

"Your cat's a panther!"..."I know!"

Lady Jessica and Lord Matthew bout with poleaxes

On the deck at sunset

Braids, three different ones

Evening falls...

Feasting after a hard day of fighting


Updated July 23, 2012