Lord Christopher, his arms, and Blanche the Peacock (well, peahen, actually)

Lord Christopher's mother, Lady Allison (l) and his father, and our host, Lord Robert (r)

Lord Christopher and Lady Elizabeth

Quartermaster surveying the field

The pavilion (above) with the grail, crown, and tournament declaration (below)

The announcement of the tournament (l) and the blessing (r)

The blessing of the fighters

Lords Christopher and Rob at the barrier with poleaxes

Lords Matt and Christopher in combat with the longsword

L: Lords Matt and Scott at their ease R: Two fighters with the gentles of the gallery, Ladies Sarah, Lydia, and Chris

Sir Christian and Lord Christopher fighting at the barrier with spears

Lord Scott awaiting his turn in the lists...and in combat with Lord Christopher

Refreshments after the tournament


Updated September 12, 2007