Lord Michael Depaola showing off his early Christmas present

L: Lord Brian and Lady Melissa at the start of the gather  R: Lord Janusz

L: A jaunty squire  R: Sir Carl and Lady Maureen

"We're having WHAT for dinner??"

The revelers assemble

Lord Michael Depaola and Sir Christian

L: Lord Blair  R: Lord and Lady Goodspeed

Players and spectators about the chess board

L: The Manor Cat hopes for a food windfall  R: Silent sentry

Proud parents Lord Christopher and Lady Jillian Torres with 6 week old Mistress Sophia

Lady Maureen and Sir Christian with their gift from Lord & Lady Torres

O Tannenbaum

Revelry continues (above) while feast preparations proceed apace (below)

Sir Carl observes the players as the feasters assemble


Singers at the Feast: (L) Sirs Carl and Christian perform the 'Troubador Song'; Lady Veronica sings "Green the Whole Year Round"

Best performance of the evening: Lord Christopher asks Lady Elizabeth for her hand in marriage

L: The Manor's Christmas decor after dark  R: Newly-engaged Lord Christopher and Lady Elizabeth

Ardent chess players Lady Veronica and Lord Janusz return to the table after the feast

Homemade mead courtesy of Veritas Academy's Eric Slyter

L: Setting the altar   R: Sir Carl in silent meditation before Circle

Lord Janusz and Lady Justine

A Manor Christmas card

Updated December 20, 2009