L: Lady Maureen with "The Cat in the Ruff"   R: Lord Gregory Mele in spirited discourse

L: Soon to be knighted Lord Robert   R: Sir Christian

L: Lords Christopher V. and Michael A.   R: Lord Tomasso Leoni

L: Lord Christopher T.   R: Lords Gregory and Tomasso

Rev. Alicia and Lady Pauline



The Accolade


Our new herald, Lord Michael A.

A gifted shield


L: A tolerant beast   R: Pre-feast socializing

L: Diligent kitchen staff at work  R: Lord and Lady Ahrens

L: Lord Janusz   R: Lady Justine

Lord Christopher T. with young Mistress Sophia


At the feast

Lady Elizabeth and Lord Christopher V.

L: Lady Jessica T.   R: Lord Matthew with young Master Parker





Lord Bryan with Master Parker

L: The bard Mockingbird, preparing for Circle   R: New knight Sir Robert with Sir Carl the Lord High Constable


Updated January 10, 2011