Squirrel Raid!

Lord Scott and tyke

Lord Erik Schmitt is greeted by Sir Christian

Such service!

L: Lady Sarah  R: Training begins early!
Below: Kitchen mayhem



Above: Lord Michael A, with daughter Mistress Belinda and her friend Mistress Taylor
Below: Kitchen counsel

L: Sir Carl  R: Ladies Sarah and Veronica busy planning Circle

Lord Matthew with young Master Parker

Lord Michael the Herald, in the performance of his duties as Master of Revelry

Sir Christian and Sir Carl perform their yearly rendition of the "Troubador Song"

Above: Lord Janusz and Lady Justine
Below: Lord Kyle and Lady Veronica

L: Sirs John, Carl, and Christian at the High Table  R: Lady Veronica, during a brief respite between several performances

Sir Robert and Lord Erik

At the feast

Lady Maureen, the Lord John Whittemore, and Lady Elizabeth

Lord Scott with Master Morgan

Lord Janusz (above) and with Lady Justine (below)

Lady Maureen and Lord John

Lady Justine resplendent in her new gown


Updated January 11, 2012