Left: Sir Christian  Right: Mistress Scarlett, the Lady Maureen, and Sable the Manor Cat
Below: Lady Bonnie with Sir Robert

Lord Blair, Lady Jessica, and Sir Christian

Lady Jessica with Lord Gregory

Left: Lord Christopher   Right: Sirs Robert & Christian

Sir Christian with Ladies Maureen and Bonnie

Left: Lady Elizabeth  Right: Sir Robert

Lady Sarah in her new houpelande

Left: Lady Tasha and Lord Gregory   Right: Lady Veronica

Left: Lord Francis  Right: Young Master Brian

Above: Lord Blair
Below left: Lord Janusz  Below right: Lady Bonnie with the Lord John Whittemore

Above: Merry spirits   Below: Lady Jessica T with the kitchen staff

Left: The Manor Tree  Right: Lady and Lord Zordan

Above: Chess  Below: Hired help

The Yule Feast and Christmas Court



A Yuletide Altar



Updated January 27, 2013