Yule Gather - December 13, 2014  

Lady Jillian and Torres Twins

Fools for a day...Lords Michael D and Kurt

Lady Stephanie

Above: Ladies Maureen and Justine
Below: Lord Blair

Lady Sarah & Mistress Emelia

Mistresses Sophia & Tarin

Sir Christian's squires, Christopher & Janusz

L: Sir Mark and Squire Christopher  R: Squire Janusz and Sir Christian

The Yule Feast Begins...

Sir Chrisian and Lady Maureen


Lady & Lord Ahrens

Lady Veronica, seemingly holding her own court!

Lady Lana & Sir Carl

Lord Christopher Torres and Mistress Sophia

Clockwise, from upper left: Sir Carl, Sir Kirk, Mistress Ariana, Mistress Tarin

Sir Kirk entertains the company


Updated February 12, 2015