Yule Gather - December 9, 2017  


A snowy sentinel

The Manor Christmas tree and Good Sir Kirk

A day of good fellowship

Meanwhile, in the wintry outdoors

Pies in preparation

Duck - it's what's for dinner

Lord Daniel, in his element

Lady Maureen ensconced treeside

Lords Eric and Michael A with Sir Carl

The knights attend the Grand Master at his 'deathbed'


The Yule Feast and Christmas Court

A "Dan's Eye View" of the feast's courses

Overly dramatic squire!

Performances by Lord Michael & Sir Carl, and Sir William

Above: A noble audience
Below: Sirs Christian and Carl sing the 'Troubador Song'; Squire Janusz brings his own merriment to the occasion

Lady Justine with Mistresses Ariana and Tarin

The High Table


Mistress Tarin performs

Lady Paula and Sir Mark


The Remains of the Day

Happy Yule, from Sirs Robert, John, Carl, Christian, Mark, and Kirk - The Knights of Selohaar


Updated January 27, 2018